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Google + builtin landing page is very simple and attractive indeed but if you are using Google Plus for some business purpose or for the promotion of your website or online services than the builtin design may not enough for your requirements. Google + is the biggest rival of FB and as we know that most of the web professionals are customize their Facebook landing pages by using Facebook FBML templates, these templates are created in Photoshop and a user can modify this page according to his requirements, if you are not a familiar with the usage of Photoshop and don’t have any skills in designing a custom landing page than you may use free FB landing page templates to design a page without any skills, this service is free.

The size of Google Plus landing page is 770px wide x 450px high but unlike Facebook you cannot add an image of same size to replace your existing Google + landing page because currently we do not have any option in our Google Plus account to modify o edit our landing page.

We hope that Google + team will add this must have feature in their social network very soon because this is the most required feature of every user serious user who wants to promote his company or self owned services on this new social networking site. If a professional photographer or web designer make an account on Google + than he must required this feature to show his talent to the general public, as he is doing on Facebook.

What are the benefits of Google Plus landing page?
You can describe your profession to the world in a better way; you can give an artistic touch to your Google + profile. A unique landing page makes you unique among millions of Google Plus users. You can add your company logo or slogan to attract more visitors to your page.

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