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Google was the first developed search engine which changed the concept of internet computing and surfing as well. Now it’s become backbone of the world wide internet and everyone knows the basic function of Google, even if he is do not use Internet at all. The current era is called the modern era of computer technologies and still today Google playing an important role in the development of more enhanced computer and internet technologies. Besides their search engine there are a dozen of more exciting applications and Softwares developed by Google to facilitate their users. So if you are also using Google tools than current version plugin update error may also appear on your Google products.

Why Current Version Plugin error occurs?
The basic reason of current version plugin Google update error is offline working means if you use Google main apps or its plugins on third party Softwares and do not update your Google plugin for that specific application than most probably you will receive the same error, which may discontinuous your application working. This error is most commonly observed in Mozilla Firefox and the applications which are using Google Earth plugin in their Softwares in any way.

How to remove this error?
If you are facing current version plugin error in your Firefox browser than you can get rid from this problem by simply pointing your Firefox browser to Mozilla plugin search page, on this page Firefox will automatically detect all your plugins installed on your browser (including Google plugin) and give you option to update your plugins for free. You can apply the exact trick on all other applications and one click deluxe installer plugin on which you are experiencing the same error.

If you are using Google Plus through some third party mobile or PC app than this error may also in your application, we will update you about this problem too in our future shares.
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