Cute Facebook Statuses

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In this share you will learn a few more Facebook status ideas, after reading this post you will definitely make cute statuses on Facebook by your own. Its time to say good bye old and somewhat odd status quotes on FB, get out from the business of saying I am busy, away, lunch break etc.

Nature never change so why you come out from the Zoo.
I am dancing on white snow, wait for me.
I take Facebook for hiking to day.
Rest is best after a work so what you are doing here, go and take a bed rest.
I know you are missing me a lot, I will never mind if you miss me more.
What do you put over your neck?
I want to know the exact formulation of your brain; I bet it’s full of dry grass.
Can you fly in water and drink air to prove your love for me.
Every beautiful girl on Facebook always likes my status, so its time to prove that you are beautiful too.
Do you join Ben Ten Facebook fans page.
You are very cool, gorgeous, glamorous and romantic person; don’t be happy, it’s not for you. This text message is sent by my girlfriend on my cell phone.
How can you prove your identity between monkeys and donkeys, it’s a challenge for you.

Use these funny statuses on Facebook and bring a smile on the face of your FB friends.

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