Drag Racing Cheats for Android

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Drag Racing is the most wanted app for Droid and you can get a free version of this car racing game from Android market. This application is almost compatible with all Android devices but big screen phones like Droid, Samsung tablet; Nexus, Xperia, etc are highly recommended because you can get excellent results on a large screen Android device. The other versions of Drag racing are available for PC and Xbox too but for Iphone it doesn’t have any space.

There are total 3 version of Drag Racing are available in the market, but this one is free and the other two Pro versions are available in paid apps category. This free app is most popular than other two paid apps and it also hold the top position in top ten car racing apps in Android marketplace.

Drag Racing Android Cheats 
This game gives you a real felling over its controls and if you turned on game vibration in your device than it can double your excitement. You can select a car brand of your own choice like Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1, Lamborghini Gallardo, BMW 9 series, Brabus, Nissan gtr-r35, etc. There are total 8 levels in this game and you can tune up or change your car for each level. Level 6 is the most difficult level and mostly users find out that Ford RS200 and Saleen Turbo are the best choices for this level. Veyron SS is the only car that you can use in all levels and easily tune it upto 7th gears.

Drag Racing tips
Never buy a car without taking a test drive.
Always make an online challenge with low score player.
Don’t forget to upgrade your car on level six.
Participate in Pro League only if you are master in car tunings.
Always follow the blue and green lights on your car dashboard for a better decision.
In case you selected a low performance car than you can use Nitro feature to boost your car speed.
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