Famous Canadian Serial Killers

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You can access the list of top serial killers in all regions of the world at Wiki site, and you may shock to see a worst list of serial killers in Canada too. In 2011 this country was ranked on the third position among most peaceful countries in the world and there is no doubt that Canadian people are very peaceful and they like to spend their whole life by abiding government laws, every legal person in Canada try his best to not involved in any violation or disputes. This is the reason we do not hear any news about riots or violence in Canada.

This article is will expose a list of all time famous and worst serial killers ever born in Canada, lets take a start from Canadian serial killer couple, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka’s, you can also visit Karla Homolka official website on which you can see the pictures of this vampire couple, in pictures they looked very happy and normal like any common person because they know the art of hiding a monster devil desires inside them. Paul Bernardo was a brutal rapist and her wife Karla was her true companion who gives him exact information and routine about his next target, she also offered her true blood sister to his boyfriend as a special gift for Christmas.

In our list we listed Canadian serial killer pig farmer, Robert Pickton who killed at least 27 women on his farm. He was a single and spending an annoying life at his farm house, Robert Pickton was addicted to drugs and also involved in human trafficking, he targeted women at the range of 30 to 40 years and was exposed to county police in 2002. He accepts his sins in court in 2007.

At number three there comes a worst killer of humanity, Clifford Olson. Clifford is the topper among all worst serial killers in Canada, he confessed the murdering of 11 people but police said that he killed at least 20 people in his life and due to mental illness and mind problems he may forget about the complete list of his victims. He was a killer of 2 innocent children too; he kidnapped these kids from far areas and killed them brutally in his home basement.

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