FIFA 12 Cheats PS3 Xbox 360

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On the 20th annual celebration of EA SPORTS they launched the most awaiting version of their most widely playing sports game FIFA soccer 12. The game is originally developed for Xbox 360 but PC and PS3 users can also able to download this game this month, till than you can enjoy this game on your Xbox only. On the other hand if you want to play light version of FIFA 12 than you can download its demo version on your Android or Iphone too.

The playing time of FIFA 12 is 90 minutes and it can be extend on genuine reasons. There are three types of rewards are available for winning teams, gold medal, silver and bronze medals. You have to win at least 5 gold medals or 15 soccer matches to qualify for the soccer final world cup.

You can also win point and rewards by achieve the following targets.
Win against CPU and you will get a reward of 30 points.
Three consecutive goals in second half against any team will give you extra 15 points.
If you score at least 100 goals in the whole tournament than you will rewarded with 50 points.
If your team successfully reaches at 10th level against CPU then you can win 30 points extra.
By winning a season game or online challenge you can earn at least 10 points for each match.
Defeat Warriors or Virtual legend in head to head season and win 50 points.

For a complete list of extra points you can visit the official site of EA Sports and visit FIFA 12 rewards page. The game is just launched so you must wait a little more for more cheats and working tricks, you can also update this cheating guide by giving your own personal tips about FIFA 12 in the comments below.

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