Full electron Configuration List for all Elements

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You may see a lot of electron configuration periodic tables with the addition of their density ratio, chemical formulation, physical properties and quantum numbers list, etc but after a year we also noticed some changes in previously tested list of electrons configuration. Like a few days ago American scientists in Mexico discovered a new element and they named it 117 element, this is a metal and may give more useful results in new technological developments as compare to any other metal including, gold, copper, platinum, etc, because 117 is the more conductive substance ever found in scientific laboratories.

Now a days we are using gold as a conductive metal for the production of tiny chipsets in computers, cell phones, laptops, etc because gold is the cathode metal which take place copper conductivity but now we can assume that 117 element will take place of gold. This new metal is much cheap as compared with gold copper and silver, as you know gold prices in international market is increasing day by day and an ordinary person cannot afford pure gold jewelry even on weddings.

The newly discovered element is successfully added in the new table of electron configuration list, so if you are physics student than you must follow the new list and also made your mind for the addition of new electron configuration list in near future because future is unpredictable and this technological era will never stop until end of the world.
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