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Many people are already addicted with Facebook status quotes and they are trying their best to get more and more like from their friends by posting interesting status quotes on their Facebook wall page. Many of you may already migrated on Google + and obviously you also want some cool status quotations to impress your Google Plus friends. In this post we are going to give you a bunch of random quotes to use on your Google Plus profile, you can also share your own Google + status ideas with us through comments on this page.

Cute Google Plus statuses

  • Love and romance are the words for happy people only, so be happy in your life to get a lot of love.
  • Beauty is the only thing that can change your mind without saying anything.
  • Simplicity is the best thing that you can adopt to make balance in your life.
  • Following devil is like moving down from a hill (it’s so easy) and following good is like climbing over a rocky mountain (too difficult).
  • Make your heart softer like water which can also drill on heavy rocks if needed.

Funny Google + status quotes

  • I am dreaming about you so please don’t disturb me right now.
  • Let’s go for hiking on Mars, I just reached at Jupiter now.
  • Can I borrow your nose for today? There is too much bad smell around me.
  • Dancing with moon is a new TV show which will be broadcast on XYZ TV on Monday to Thursday.
  • How can you makeup your Facebook?

Sad Google Plus quotations

  • Health is continuously getting minus from your life, it’s bitter but true
  • Without getting hurt you cannot enjoy the rhythm of true happiness.
  • A first expression can prove wrong on a wrong occasion.
  • Boldness can be achieved by defeating fear.
  • There are your thoughts which can make you good or bad.

These quotes are free to use on Google Plus or any other social network, kindly also promote this share with friends in your circle.
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