Moshi Monsters Cheats for Moshlings

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The term Moshlings is usually used for the non members of Moshi Monsters game; these are the users which are participated in playing with monster pets in any way. Such users can play Moshi Monsters in certain limits; they can only get all rights and featured controls if they purchased a paid account at, they can also upgrade their existing membership by paying a fee for premium membership. There is also another way to get free premium membership for Moshi Monsters buy getting credits, yes you can get all rights of golden membership by withdraw or redeem your credits earning into cash.

This guide is designed for Moshi Monsters non member Moshlings, hope these Moshlings cheats for non members will give you an opportunity to earn enough credits to buy a paid membership or get a Moshi Monster gift card.

When ever you go out for a shopping for your pets, always talk to every person in the shopping mart. By doing this you can notice an increase flow in your Moshi money account.

Make as much friends as you can, you can increase your friends circle by clicking on your friend’s tree and pin boards, and this action will refer a new friend in your list on every click.

You can make friendship with Pooky dinosaur by offering him some magic beans and if you successfully make friendship with then you will get at least 100 numbers in your money account.

If you apply a cheat code on Lady Goo Goo than you will automatically nominated for Super Moshi mission on next level.

Stunt Penguin, Baby Boomer and Snuggly Tiger Cub can be your friends if you offer them a dragon fruit or red snap apples.

You can also get 100 free Roxs if you grow your plant in a secret garden and keep it safe from pet monsters.
Always select a fruit color according to the color of your pets, for example you can select a green apple snap for a greenish turtle and black berry for a black monkey.

You can also give more hints and some useful tricks from Moshi Monsters sign in guide, you can also learn various alternative ways for a free sign up and login at Moshi Monsters in this guide.
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