Most Wanted Features in New Facebook

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Facebook CEO Mark Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are working on a new Facebook project and in near future they will launch a FB 2.0, the new interface of the social network will definitely give a big surprise to all Facebook users. They still keep it secret about what new features will be added or removed in the new interface but we can make a prediction on the bases of our top requirements for Facebook. For this purpose many Bloggers starting a surveys on the Internet to get information’s from Facebook addicted users about what they need in the new interface.

The biggest competitor of Facebook is Google + social networking site and there starts a cold war between them, both parties are doing their best to win hearts of Internet users by offering unique services. Google Plus interface is totally different from FB but they have somewhat similar features with some minor changes, Hangouts feature of Google + is a plus point for this service because they introduced the concept of a free video conference on the Internet, Facebook also shacked hands with Skype and start a free video chat service on their network but Google + Hangout feature is still on the top in this competition because they are offering a free video chat for 10 users at least, this option may extend to more users in near future.

What people want in Facebook 2.0?

  1. More flexibility in video chat
  2. Privacy on wall postings
  3. FB users are jut tired from garbage of unwanted advertisement on every page, they wants a clean, simple and user friendly graphical interface in FB 2.0
  4. More free flash games
  5. Free credits to utilize all Facebook services
  6. Simple Facebook apps for mobile phones, e.g. Android, 3G, Nokia, HTC, etc

User wants a simplified version of Facebook.
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