My Teacher My Hero Poem

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I just write this poem to give a deep and sincere tribute to all my teachers who worked so hard on me and polish my abilities to face this hard world today.

I was a kid and know thing
Except Mum Pa Hehe
One day I got a unique change in my life
When I entered in school first time
My first day at school still flashing in my mind

I was surprised to see lot kids of my age around me
Some were laughing, some crying, some singing and playing
I got nervous and join the crying community
I want an escape from that strange place

A beautiful and kind hearted lady just picks me up
She passed a sweet smile towards me and offered a chocolate
I forget crying and feel a protection
She was the first hero of my life who was also my teacher

My life going smooth and pleasant with the passing of time
I met various heroes in my study times
A hero taught me math, another hero teach me English and so on
My teachers become my friends and ideals this way

Now I finished my studies
I missed my hero some times
I met my teachers on the way some times
But I never told them that you are my hero

I hope you like this poem or if you want to give a tribute to your teacher as a hero, feel free to say something good about your hero in the comments below.
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