Nature Park Game Cheats Nokia

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Are you looking for Nature Park game cheat codes for your Nokia 6300, 6030, 1209 or 1208? This game is owned by Nokia Corporation but now its free versions are also available for android and Iphone too, you can also play free Nature Park game online or download on your PC for an offline play. Nature Park Jar application is completely written in java and its flash version is also released on Miniclips games website.

As you know Snake Xenzia and Bounce Nokia games cheating codes are already leaked on various gaming sites and may be these codes are already on your finger tips. Like these two popular games Nature Park is also become very popular on Nokia mobiles and addicted users like to play this game for hours. Many users claim to made 1000 score on Nature Park without using any secret code and mostly users hardly make 300 scores or less.

Nature Park cheats:-

  1. You can clear a space for falling blocks just by pressing 3 key on your Nokia phone, this trick works on all Nokia devices.
  2. The easiest way to rearrange block diagonally, horizontally or vertically is by pressing 4 and 6 num key on your mobile pad.
  3. Always use yellow block with blue start to destroy black blocks, because black blocks are the main barrier of Nature Park game.
  4. Destroying red block diagonally give you more points and a bonus of savior block.

If you know any more tricks or tips to play diagonally in easiest way than share your expert techniques with us.
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