Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Rumors

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Johnny Depp is a successful actor and his net worth reached in millions only from his successful fantasy series Pirates of the Caribbean, he also admit that he is making more money from this film series as he deserves in reality. Johnny playing the leading role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie, he is a funky type sea pirate who lives in a weird getup and doing stupid things very wisely.

In 2011 Walt Disney produced the 4th part of Pirates of the Caribbean which made billions at box-office; the company also announced the production of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and the fifth part will released in theaters in 2013.

There are different rumors about Pirates of the Caribbean 5 are circulating on IMDB forum and various other gossip sites, lets have a look at these possible rumors.

  1. In Pirates of the Caribbean 5 the villain will be an old disco lady.
  2. Captain Jack Sparrow will get married Angelica Teach in a surprising way.
  3. Barbossa become the best friend of Jack Sparrow.
  4. In fifth part Jack have to defeat a devil team of aliens.
  5. Jack will free his monkey in African jungles.
  6. A mummy will help the evil forces against Jack Sparrow.
  7. Jack wife will loss her memory temporary which will create many troubles.

You can also read the full script of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 part on various websites and blogs, so many people believed that the leaked script is original. Let suppose if it’s original than the Walt Disney will definitely change their leaked script in new series.
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