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Talking Tom Cat plays an important role to boost up Iphone apps store sales and give a new idea to create so many other applications for mobiles phones. Talking Tom cat is an artificial intelligence application which can deliver your questions in various voice qualities, like boy, girl, old woman, singer, etc. Its first version was released on Apple Apps store but now Talking Tom Cat app is also available for Android, PC and Nokia 5233 and 5800 mobile phones. You can also download a free APK for Talking Tom Cat 2 from Android market place.

You can use this application to kill your boring time and also give a free entertainment to your fellows by asking interesting questions. Today we are going to give you a unique idea about asking questions to Tom Cat in a new fun way. Ask these funny questions and sentences on Talking Tom Cat and make your day.

Tom Cat funny statements:-
Tom is bad cat who stole my shoes last night.
ABC CBA what you did
I am the owner of Iphone, how can I help you sir?
Stop barking on me
Don’t repeat my words; I will kill you if you do this again
Let’s go for a date
I am getting late for my Hollywood party
Who is worst, Pokemon Black or White?
Don’t tease me
Who wake me up?
I am not a cat, I am loin King.

Increase this list by giving your own interesting opinions in the comments below and beat the Talking Tom Cat 2.
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