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Strong relationship with customers is the top priority of every business; this is why most business goes with a slogan like “customer satisfaction is our first priority”. Every business owner pay a high concentration toward their customers satisfaction and it is also true that a boss loves more to his customers than his sales persons. On every job interview, the interviewing team must judge your skills toward customer management and relationship. A bank always prefers to hire a person who has strong public relations in the society because they know how to do business right. A successful salesman always knows how to treat a customer and playing cool tricks all the time with customers. Saying thanks to your customers either they purchase something or not is the duty of every sales person.

5 Conditions When the Customer is Not Always Right:-

When a person urge on fix price items.
 Return a product after expiry date.
When a person asking for discount on loot sale items.
Demand cash back of all product or services.

So if you are salesgirl or salesman than you must say thank with a big smile to your crazy customers to win their hearts, because it is very important for the success of your business.

There are thousands of quotes and saying you may use to giving a special thank o your customers. We selected just top 3 most working quotations, which will definitely works for you.

  1. It’s my pleasure that I served you, believe me you make my day, and thanks a lot.
  2. You are the first customer in whole day who know exactly how to buy a thing, I am really thankful for your visit on our shop.
  3. Above all formalities I really want to give you a special thank for your visit.
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