Top 10 Sites like Chatroulette

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Are you looking for Chatroulette alternative? You may find thousands of sites like chatroulett just by searching for free random chat or chat with strangers on your favorite search engine. The craze of video chat and text chat is increasing in all countries and people really enjoy the situation when they chat for hours to some strangers in their own language, a few days ago we share a post with title sites like Omegle and we get various comments from our blog users in which they demand more sites for a random chat. So this time we bring out top ten websites like Chatroulette in a new style.

As we informed you that there are more than one thousand sites are available on the Internet that give you the opportunity to get connected with their chat server and start a video or audio chat with girls, guys, etc just be selecting your nick name. There is a problem because most of these sites are operated in different languages, like if you want to chat in Hindi or only in English than you cannot make fun on some Russian or French chat site, so this time we make a list of Chatroulette like sites in 10 most common languages. Hope you will appreciate our efforts.

You may call it a French version of chatroulette; this is a best site if you want to chat with strangers in French language. You can find friends from France, Algeria and Italy on this site.
I think this is a sister site of Chatroulette network which serves for Czech people only. So if you are good in Czech than you must give a try to this site.

Jaleco roulette
A good random chat site for Italian people, 80% of the users on this site are belongs to Italy, you may also chat in English on this site.

This is original chatroulette deutsch site and a good alternative of roulette, 99% users are belongs to Germany and mostly people on this site only understand Dutch language.

This a Spanish version of Chat roulette, you may find people from Spain, Argentina and Algeria on this site.
Omegle chat is the most popular chat server for people, who like random chat, this site is best for English users. You may also find people from your local area on this website. Omegle allow you free video chat without any registration or sign up. Mostly people on this site are belongs to India and United States.

Chatroulette china
This is a nice interface with audio and video chat servers for Chinese people.

Quiero Arab chat
You may find Arabic speaking people on this site; mostly users come from Egypt and other Gulf countries.

This is the most advance online chat service which also provides free chat apps for Iphone and Android; you can select a chat room in your own language or also build a new chat room for your local community in any language. You can find random people from South Korea and United States on

Japan forum
A similar chatroulette site which offer chatting in Japanese language, it’s a golden chance for you to learn Japanese language on this site a make new friends from Japan.
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