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League of Legends is my all time favorite game which give me a good time pass on every weekend, there are several champions are get famed on official Wiki forum of LOL but this time there comes a brand new champion in the league, yes you guess right I am talking about Xerath and in this post you will learn about a complete strategy guide about how to build Xerath the Magus more powerful to compete your worst enemies.

If you are an addictive player of Xerath ii Build League of Legends than you may continue to conquer more and more places and ancient palaces from devil forces without any cheats and secret codes because formal PC players of LOL do not like to boost their ranking or score by using cheating codes. This post is specially designed to support beginners and newcomers in the league and the purpose is only to encourage them to stay stick with this legendary game of all times.

First of all you have to remove your old Xerath skin; you can download and upgrade your LOL game theme by downloading fresh Xerath themes from their official website.

You can start Xerath build by selecting a disguise getup of jungler who can destroy devil forces with his magic pen, you can also target all blue forces and you can only eligible for level 2 if you kill all blue forces at level one, magic pen is a great weapon to kill blues at first level.

On next levels you must change your Xerath to phreak XD and also change your default routes, use magic pen only if needed because you have to cover a long way in a very short time in all upcoming levels of Xerath build.
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