Contract Killer Zombies Cheats Android

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Contract Killer is amazingly getting a high rank in the section of Android free games apps and its downloaded graphs shows that till to date more than 1.5 million downloaded and installed this awesome app on their Android devices. Contract Killer: Zombies game is developed by Glu Mobile top developers and required Android 2.0 or higher version. Game official page on Android market place got 2.7 K Google Plus likes and one million Tweets so far.

Contract Killer Zombies cheats:-
As you know the rating of this game is comes under “Medium” rating and its got the top fifth position in arcade games and the released version is 1.0 which is compatible with all latest 3G mobile devices. Contract killer story line is somewhat dangerous but people like this type of games very much. Tour world destroyed in a war or some apocalypse and only few humans left alive because majority of the humans are converted into devil Zombies who lost their minds and come out in streets to infect other human beings. This game is based on the famous action game Blood & Gore but with all new characters.

Now lets come to the point, do you know any cheating codes or walkthrough hints that can be apply on Contract Killer Android app? Yes we know a few, so get ready to follow these tips and gain free money to load your latest weapons in Contract Killer Zombies free edition.

  • You can get free money by targeting 10 Zombies at the same time.
  • The using of Green and Yellow gas bombs on Vampire devils also gives you money bonus on 3rd level.
  • You can always safe your contract killer in dark tunnels by on a torch light in tunnels.
  • The best way to kill maximum Zombies is to become a sniper and target them from a high place like buildings.
  • Always wear a bullet proof jacket in war zones.
  • Beautiful women with opposite feet are also Zombies so do not go near to them and fire them from a distance.

We just discover these few hacks for Contract Killer Zombies for our fans, you can share more cheats and tricks with us in the comments below.
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