Cute Haiku Poems Examples about Love

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There are various types of poetry formats but now days the format of haiku poems getting more and more popularity because it is a short and easiest way to express or deliver your idea or message in short 3 lines. I already posted an article in which you learn about writing funny haiku poems in a simple way; today post is about haiku poems examples of love and heart.

Lovely examples of haiku poetry:-

My heart is beating
You can listen
Your name with every beat

I still remember the day
When you out your hand on my hands and say
I am with you

My love is not an attraction
Your every word
Is still in my mind

Love is a journey
Which start with passion?
And end on a passion too

My love is incomplete
Let me rule over your heart
And reach the destination

You are free to send or use these lovely haiku poems as text messages to your loved one.

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