Site 2 sms is the second most competing website in India after Way2sms which is offering completely free unlimited free SMS services at This website was developed in December 2009 and launched in 2010 and in a very short time they collect a maximum number of mobile users from all around the India.

Site2sms registration:-
Sign up process on site2sms s very user friendly and they also do not charge any fee on their site registration, currently this website is offering free 260 Characters SMS service to Indian mobile users only, so if your cell number starts from +91 than you are eligible to create a free account on this legit site. You must provides all the required information during registration process, mostly you have to provide your first name, profession, date of birth, gender, e-mail address and your mobile number ( this number will be use as your login id for next sign in).

Site2sms Login:-
Unlike other free text sites this website is not build in PHP or Java but the developers use ASP for the backend coding of this cool website, this is the reason why you do not face frequent login problem on site 2 sms. You can sign in at site2sms any time by giving your exact mobile number and exact password too, in case you forget your password than you can retrieve a new password by giving your e-mail id.

Currently site2sms is operating only on a web version and they do not launch any utility or application for PC or mobile phones. If you are a business user of site2sms then you may ask them to provide you their Android or Iphone site2sms app for a professional use.
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  1. What are the requirements for login at site2sms mobile application?

  2. Which is better fullonsms or smsze to send unlimited free sms, I tried Site2sms but this site return a lot of login errors and its delivery time is also very slow.


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