Top 5 Funny Haiku Poems

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The history of haiku poems belongs to ancient Japanese culture, where Japanese poets express their feelings only in three sentences. The format of a haiku poem is always consisting on three statements which deliver the whole message in a perfect concise way. In this short post I will give 5 examples of haiku poems; these are not related to love or any specific culture but humor.

Examples of funny haiku poems:-

1) I fall in love
With you
And lost my valet

2) I want to show you
My heart
Please call a cardiologist for my ultrasound

3) You are very kind and caring person
I just heard this statement
From my other friends

4) Humpty Dumpty, yes mama
Open your mouth
Fall from the wall

5) My love for you is?
Very classical
Please gift me your grand papa guitar

Hope you will learn the basics about how to write a haiku poem in such a funny way, you are welcome to post here your funny haiku poems with our readers.
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