Best Hilarious Jokes about Dumb Men

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Once upon a time a man start liking a beautiful woman and one they decided to live together for the rest of their life. Since that day men got a certificate to live like a silly husbands under the rule of crack wives.

Q: What is the most hilarious moment for a man?
Answer: When he tell a lie inside his home to his wife and outside to his girlfriend

Question: When ever a Romeo type guy crush on a girl, there comes at least 10 other guys to beat him. What if a guy passes by a beautiful girl without taking any notice?
A: The girl starts beating the guy.

Q: A woman is like a diamond, this statement is true or false?
Answer: Yes it’s true that a woman is like a precious diamond which is also very poisonous too.

Q: What are the qualities of a best female student?
A: She must be aware of all fashion trends and a trick about how to get these fashion accessories free from her boyfriend.

Q: What is the most hilarious moment for a woman?
A: When she listen a praise of another girl from her man.

Q: How many times a man should fall in love?
A: You got at least 3 chances on your first failure in your high school too, so why not in love.
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