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Facebook addiction become a global issue because this wave of social networking is not limited to a specific age, gender, region or race but it covers 30% of world population. All the people who like to spend there time on Facebook and chit chat with their friends, playing online games, sharing videos, links and pics are also cannot live by updating their Facebook status with cool quotes. Facebook status same works like Orkut scraps or nick names on your MSN or Yahoo messengers. Facebook birthday scraps are updating on friends birthday, good morning status are updating at morning time and goodnight scraps are updating at night.

Many of Facebook users are getting tired from old status quotes and now they want to share something new and more exciting with their friends. In this post you can get some new lines for your FB status updates.

Most funny Facebook status updates:-

  • I am updating my status so don’t disturb me right now.
  • Facebook management team just decided to block me from devils so don’t try to contact me.
  • I am watching a Hollywood in Bollywood with Tollywood cast.
  • If you are genius then solve this calculation in 3 seconds 3457532+5423-865432564x77524343=?
  • A broken heart is better then broken leg, so stop chasing college girls.
  • Accept my best wishes for happy New Year, cling Ming ping, don’t be emotional I really mean it.
  • The nature of a snake cannot be change so why do you change your dress today?
  • I am captain planet, I am your hero.
  • I love you all, except you.
  • Can you fly in air, if not then shut up please?
  • Please don’t take a bath on New Year ceremony; we cannot afford a massive flood.
  • My Facebook account is hacked by a stupid alien.
  • Breaking new: there is no news today.
  • I am really happy that you decided to gift me your Iphone.

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