Most Clever Funny Facebook Statuses

Get ready to surprise your FB friends with bit hilarious and most clever status quotes, these funny Facebook status ideas are just come into my mind when I read some silly status quotes on my friends walls.

Clever Facebook status ideas:-
I am just tired by reading a thousands of love poems, let me say it straight I love you honey.
I am not superman or Spiderman but your love gear can give me a power to beat up these fake celebrities.
I know you want to confess your crush about me, don’t be shy.
Hello miss DJ, can you play love song of my heart.
Can I dare to call you darling?

Witty one liner Facebook status:-
Yes I hate but I can’t mention you here on Facebook.
Delete my FB profile from your heart if you can.
Do me a favor and polish my shoe before you go to sleep.
World is full of fools who like to read my status every day.
Better you leave my friends circle, before I fire you with my water gun.
Let’s go for a dance party at Mars tonight.

Insulting Facebook status quotes:-
What the hell you are doing here on my Facebook.
I just purchased Facebook so hurry you delete your account, before I give you a shut up call.
It will be a big shame for you if you think about another breakup.
I am missing you from the core of my heart, where are you my pity parrot?
Facebook exams are just arriving, what about your preparation?
I apologize but I really want to gift you a silly kick on your back.

Creative Facebook status lines:-
I regularly update my Facebook status to improve your mental level.
I admire your genius mind only when you don’t mind my abuses.
Who dare to discover me on Facebook?
Wise people always like my status updates, what about you?
Guess who is more pity, a boy who forgets his FB password with thousand girlfriends or a girl who mistakenly deleted her thousand boyfriends?
Roses are gray, sky is yellow, and do you like my creativity?

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  1. hahaha lol very funny

  2. These status messages can snatch away my girlfriend

  3. I appreciate your clever mind, where do you get these cool ideas?


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