Most Famous Sheikh Saadi Quotes

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Sheikh Saadi was a great saint born in Persian city Bukhara; he traveled various part of the world and writes thousands of poems. Sheikh Saadi quotes are translating into several other languages e.g. Hindi, English, Urdu, Chinese, French, etc. He is also a great philosopher and in this post we will add his most famous and wise saying, which can show you a right path in a hard living.

  1. The truth of long life is hidden in patience.
  2. If you want to keep your name alive even after your death than teach good deeds to your children.
  3. You cannot gain more than your fortune but still you don’t show any laziness to pick your food.
  4. Call a loin for fight or testing punch on a sword is not a wise deed.
  5. Price of a diamond still remains even if it falls in a mud.
  6. You cannot survive in the society of humans without contribution of your positive actions.
  7. You cannot be a human if you don not agree to help out other humans.
  8. Always try to escape from the attack of your enemy and the false praise of your friends.
  9. A union of ants can defeat the loin.
  10. A wise man cannot waste his words in a noise.
  11. You can remove anger just by using sweet words.
  12. An intelligent person always care about two things, first he do not speak when other speaks, second, he do not calm when no one speak.
  13. Money can decorate your body but it cannot help to decor your heart.

If you know other golden words of Sheikh Saadi then kindly share your knowledge with us.
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