Naughty Wishes for Best Friend

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Every year we celebrating friendship day by send lovely cards and text messages to our loving friends. We also arrange surprise parties to please our friends on their birthdays, job achievements, graduation, etc. A lot of my friends sometimes update their Facebook status with some shocking jokes and quotes but still we can feel a deep love in their weird actions. So it is scientifically proved that teasing friends in odd ways is not a big deal and its very important for a long term friendship. Today I bring out some naughty sms ideas for your best friends; you can tease them by putting these statements on your Facebook status or directly sending them sms on3their mobile phones.

Naughty quotes for best friends:-
  • A monkey can be a donkey, but a friend like you cannot be a professor, so why you are reading books all the time.
  • I learn cheating in exams from you, I learn teasing girls on Facebook also from you, now kindly guide me how to escape from a devil like you?
  • Last night saw a monster in my dream, I get afraid and call you and monster ran away by saying “please don’t call my papa”.
  • Let’s discover our childhood memories, steal some bucks from your dad purse and come to my home.
  • Do you remember a beautiful light brown hair girl in our high school? She sends a Hi for her lost brother.
  • James Cameron is searching some alien looking guys for Avatar 2, hurry up meat him.
So friends if you really like my share then do not forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your sweet and cool friends.
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