Skyrim Tips and Tricks for Everyone

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Skyrim is the most popular game on the Xbox and PS2 platform, it also make record sale on Windows and Mac operating systems. Unlike other adventure games you can build and train your own character according to your choice, you can teach various fighting techniques, escaping methods, jumping styles, etc to your hero and make new records.

You may find various Wiki guides and cheat codes for Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V edition on Youtube with video tutorials or on ING gaming site but most of these cheating codes and tricks not working properly. In this share we just collected the most verified and 100% working tips and tricks for all Skyrim players.

  • Following the dungeon instructions mostly save you from dangerous encounters.
  • If you successfully get the bunch of 6 flowers then you can easily defeat all desert vampires, mammoths and dragons.
  • Firing and shooting with guns with buttons can take a long time o kill your enemies so always use shortcut keys to use weapons.
  • Do not waste your time by traveling on feet because it may minus your points and life too so always prefer to journey in a carriage even in towns and jungles
  • Do not waste your arrows on wild beasts; an arrow is a good weapon to finish big dragons.
  • Remember these spell wordings, bound sword, frostbite, punch, heavy load, cure disease, candle light, happy end, fire and transmute during train your character under Skyrim skill builder.
  • Always use race powers in big troubles, these powers can ally your dark forces.
  • Imperial, Nord and Argonian are the most powerful races among all ten races.
  • Do not install Skyrim on Windows XP because you may face many glitches and bugs so always play Skyrim on Windows 7 operating system.
  • Do not enter into mines without swords; you may get killed by mine guards.
  • Triple Q can end your game and pressing Lock X button can disable all magic spells.
  • Vampire and werewolf are afraid from fire, and ice in specific conditions.
  • You can get a free horse just by harvesting some corps for Katla.

If you know more useful and perfect tips for Skyrim then feel free to share with us.
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