Cool Good Morning Facebook Status

Before the sunshine on your head and little sparrow please you with a morning sing and a black crow welcome by throwing his poop on your head let me say do not forget your umbrella before you go out.

Stars are just disappeared from the dark sky and sky change it color to blue and white, you should also change your mood from sleepy to active, good morning buddy.

Sun break the calm magic of moon night, birds break the calmness of long night and my SMS always break the magic of your hard sleep.

Today is Sunday, you have nothing to do, so wish me a happy good morning and go to your bed.

Every morning gives multiple options to everyone, some goes to brush their teeth first, so go to bath, some only wash face, some try to get sleep again but you are the only one who makes a big fart.

Do you feel coldness early in the morning? I have a special treatment for you; try to sleep on …a warm bed. You naughty what you wee thinking about?

Breaking news: Facebook is shutting down for 1 month, so hurry updates your Facebook status before you getting too late, leave the bed hurry.

I love you, you love me, good morning, and can we start our day by something new, like a French kiss?

Funny news of the day: I say good night instead of good morning to my dog yesterday afternoon. Do you get it? Sorry I just wake up and my mind need to refresh.
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  1. These are nice Facebook statuses.

  2. You should give a default Facebook status posting button to post these cute quotes on my FB timeline.

  3. I want a PHP script for my site to check anyone Facebook status, I already see such scripts on many sites.


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