Cute Relationship Quotes for Facebook Status

Relationship is the soft feeling or emotions toward someone, a relation can be weak like a thin thread and it can also be strong as a rock. It’s all up to you how you go through with your relationship; it can be a relation with your wife, mother, friends, and girlfriend or Facebook friends.

You can use these cute messages to update your FB status and impress your friends; these one line sentences will show them the purity of your relation with them.

Cute Facebook Statuses:-

  • I can live for ever only if you promise to not leave me at any cost.
  • I can be ready for thousand times to fight with world only if you say once that “I am only yours”.
  • You are very precious for me, infect you don’t know your value; you are the only one who can convert raw cotton into silk just by touching with your feet.
  • Let me drown into the depth of your eyes.
  • My relation with you cannot be defining by any poetry or in any philosophy.
  • No matter how hard is this life, it really feels so easy when you walk with me.
  • There is no life without my wife.
  • I want to describe my heart feelings in French, I want to talk with you in Arabic and I want to love with you in emotions.
  • Best in the world is your love and worst is the moment without your love.
  • How cute is our love, without you it cannot be a true love.

So start updating your Facebook statuses with these cute quotations and celebrate your day today.
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  1. My relations are already very good with my wife.

  2. So what you want to discover here, you silly why you commenting here?

  3. Cool down people, these are really awesome Facebook status ideas.


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