Facebook Status I’m Sorry Quotes

Do you did something wrong with your friend or girlfriend on the Facebook? Do you break her heart? Do you feel apologies now? If yes then we have a solution for this problem, you can guaranteed get back your angry friends just by updating your Facebook status with these cute sorry saying quotes.

I am sorry honey, believe me I am saying this by drinking honey.

Give me a punch or kick on my back but accept my sorry.

Our friendship is not integrated with these little disputes.

Love is love and saying sorry is the reflection of love.

Forgiveness is the only term which must be excluded from our friendship.

Today I wrote an apology poem on the blackboard of my class room, you can see and read it there if you still don’t believe me.

Nothing is better then you in my life, does it sound loving?

I just stop dreaming about you because when ever I shut my eyes to see you in my dreams; I watched a sign board saying “you are not allowed”.

I just heard that the world will end on 21 December 20122, can you forgive me before it arrives?

Let me paint your day with a bunch of lovely flowers which are sing the song I am sorry my love.
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  1. Oh I just break heart of my loved one, your page give me a good reason how to say sorry, thanks dear.

  2. These are the best apologize Facebook status I ever read on the internet.

  3. I really feel lucky to read these foolish comments on this page, you make my day honey!


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