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Hindi Facebook Status updates are getting popular not only in India but all the countries where people can read and write Hindi. We already posted a hundreds of Hindi sms messages and quotes on our blog but now with the change in trend we are going to entertain our blog fans with latest Facebook status ideas in Hindi, you can definitely firm your relationship with your loved one by updating your status with these lovely Hindi quotes.

Lovely Facebook Status in Hindi:-

  • You make my heart “Nawab sab” by spreading your smile in my imaginations.
  • Mera Dil goes up and down until I start chat with you on our Facebook.
  • I am unable to login at FB today, its just your “ Pyar” which shows me online right now.
  • Demanding love is not the height of love but “ Dil me rakhna” a true love is the actual height.
  • Whenever I miss you my heart goes “ be-bass” to through down this FB and torn its every page.
  • The trend of Facebook is getting old now let me crate a new “Jaanbook” for you.
  • I was serious to make a date with you this weekend but my pocket money already goes end too.
  • Your “husan” is mind blowing but your habit of getting late on My Facebook wall is a stupid doing.
  • You are my cute friend who don’t know how much I “ Pyar karta houn” only you.

I just tired up a little bit because I just received a special phone call so let me complete this love job on some other day, till yet you can update your FB statuses with this half Hindi quotes to impress your girlfriend or boyfriends too.
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  1. " Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?" - Cinderella Loved it. Down load it: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/love-quotes-for-moods-love/id354968601?mt=8


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