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The literacy rate in India getting high day by day but unfortunately the job vacancies are getting down, there are several causes of this problem and the main cause is over population indeed. There are thousands of websites in India which let you find a job online and there are several million graduate, masters and undergraduate students, engineers, doctors, I.T professionals and nurses applying for a job through these sites but only few lucky candidates get a positive response. is the biggest job portal in India which offers a two way job listening, means you can post a job vacancy at their site and also search and apply for a job through Naukri job portal.

Do you also post your resume or curriculum vita at and still unable to get any job or interview call. There may be several important points that you are missing in regard to this issue. Let me prominent some of these points for you so that you can get a guaranteed success in getting your required job at

Your C.V title must be concise and mind touching e.g. PHP Programmer, Tourist guide, Pet trainer, etc.
If you are interested to get a definite job in your own city then you may also indicate your city location on the title of your resume e.g. Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Pune, Delhi, etc.
Always use Naukri default resume creator to post your job and avoid uploading your own designed resume.
Always bold your previous career achievements, qualification and reference too.
If you have your own blog or site about your personal achievements, do not forget to list that blog in your resume.
Subscribe for the updates of relevant job categories.
Enable the option getting job alters through SMS on mobile phone to get a fast response from Naukri official site.
If you are eligible for multi job categories then do not select relevant categories in the same resume but registered for a new separate account and post your second skilled job resume through other account.

You can apply the above fast job getting tricks at other jobs websites too like Sarkari Naukri, First Naukri, Gulf Naukri and MonsterIndia.
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