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Facebook is become an essential part of human life, especially teens cannot imagine live without Facebook and this addiction is getting high day by day. Every thing cannot go straight and we must face some problems with these things, same we also got some problems and errors while logging at Facebook account, check out the most common dialogue about this issue.

Sam: Last day I was waiting for you about 3 hours on the Facebook but you did not come, what happened to you?

Jack: I got Facebook login problems, I also Google about this problem and found many web pages claming about solve these stupid FB login problems, but all were useless.

Login failure at Facebook sign in page is become a common issue of every day, so why not you use the following status quotes on your Facebook Timeline or homepage to escape from these silly dialogues.
  • My Facebooklogin page fired me yesterday, now I got my job back.
  • My FB login status shows me offline yesterday.
  • Do not dare to check my Facebook login status through any website; I have a secret eye on you.
  • I hacked my own Facebook account, so what are you looking here.
  • Give me a favor and unlike my status updates to fall me down from your friends league.
  • I logged in my Facebook account but it still shows me offline why?
  • Forget your Facebook password? No problem types my name with love and gets connected.
  • My dog is searching for a silly cat on the Facebook.
  • Please make some stupid comments about my absentees from Facebook and send followers to Mark Zuckerberg it may increase his net worth.
  • Do not disappointed from login failure at Facebook; you may get big bugs in near future.

Like or dislike these status updates, post your reasons in the comments box below.
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