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Do you get a little fight or ding dong with your girlfriend or get angry from something to your friends on Facebook, well the best way to describe your anger and frustrated mood is to type something hilarious on your Facebook status. Cool down we know you are angry and the mind of a angry person cannot fully concentrate on these matters, so we are going to present some awesome Angry quotes specially for our blog fans, feel free to kick out your FB friends by posting these status updates on your Facebook profile.

Angry Facebook Quotes:-
I am doing anger management course so please respect my rude behavior.
Who said that anger can remove the friendship, look at me.
I am not a silly or stupid to join you again and again.
If someone feeling bad about me then I would like to tell someone that I am not in your league anymore.
A true happiness comes after  a hard job, so get ready to receive some hard abuses from my side.
There is a tiny difference between staying and leaving on Facebook and only wise people can get my point.
Go to shop and steel some chocolate  and then say sorry, is it easy for you?
Don't tell me who am I, I know my limits more then you.
Its my good luck that I narrow escaped from you.
A girlfriend cannot be your true friend, save these wordings if I am wrong.

Is it enough for today? Hope you can make your day with these angry Facebook status messages.
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