100 Funny Things to Say on Facebook

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Are you tired from doing serious chat with your friends on Facebook, well its time to make some fun? Just kick out all dizziness and worries from your mind and say something cool and funny on the Facebook status bar to give a big surprise to your friends. A new research also shows that the people who enjoy even little moments of life living a happy life, so why not you?

Funny Facebook statuses:-
Knock, knock, its Pizza boy for the delivery f a washing machine.
Dream about me and I will give you a French kiss in return.
Hollywood movies are so boring, what is your favorite movie?
I am doing PhD but still don’t know the objective of my life.
I like to eat banana while reading Facebook.
Facebook is a weird book, it always show me unwanted things.
Do you remember our school days, how do you remember? I never go to school.
The funniest comment I ever read of Facebook will be coming soon.
Dealing with girlfriends is much easier then cheating with them.
Hackle and Jackal will be next top model of America.
Me, myself and the adventurous Facebook
I listen a lot about Iphone but it never belongs to me.
College life is full of fun, what about Facebook life?
My favorite song is sung by Lady Gaga in the voice of Bryan dam.
Bet on the best and you will discover me.
I hate bargaining, so why you asking for the mobile number of my ex boyfriend.
National geographic channel want to make a documentary on how I waste 985357643 hours of my life on Facebook.
I just star dancing classes because it teaches me judo karate in very low rate.
Can you please take a bath and announce this achievement on your Facebook status?
I just hate when someone say about my FB status, its funny dude.
Who said that a fight cannot be go without light?
The best joke I ever read cannot be read by you until you invite me for a date.
I just surprise to know how you play this Facebook.
A doctor can crush on a female nurse when there is no chance of rush.
You are fired until you like my status quote.
Scientists discover a new planet, so what new in it?
Breaking news: nothing can break our relationship.
My heart is lonely can you please give me some loan.
Testing Internet Connection
Oops I forget my purse… in my pocket
Smoking can seriously damage your first kiss.
Look up, look down, look here look there, good job.
Who said, I am a monster?
Best relation the relation of a mobile and its network.
Common sense is not common in common people.
The only benefit of Facebook is that I can see into the privacy of beautiful girls.
I am 46 but thanks Facebook; you let me date with 18 year old girl.
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