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Webkinz is a great gaming site which provides you a lot of fn if you feel love toward animals.  The idea of this site is based on Moshi Monsters but this is a more potential site for pet lovers plus you can play games in multi languages, currently Webkinz is supporting English, Français, Italiano, Español, Deutsch and 9 other languages. You can also access a large range of Webkinz toy store near to your location through their store locator online tool, you can adopt and teach your pet a lot of cool things and then later take a part in several quiz and competitions, if you feel yourself best in Webkinz world then you can also challenge top ranking Webkinz players to compete with your trained pet.  In this share we will give you some basic information about this cool site, hope you find it useful.

Webkinz login
You cannot login at webkinz without registration like so many other flash game sites, its registration is also not free and you must pay a fee of 2$ for a monthly membership and you can also upgrade your membership any time. For every unique member there is unique plush pet’s team and a member can operate his pet only by providing a secret code, this code is also the key to play Webkinz World play land.

Webkinz cheating codes:-
There are dozen of websites and blogs on the net which are providing a long list of cheat codes that you can directly apply on you toys to win cash and high ranking but most of these codes are not working well and by applying a wrong cheating code you may also bring more troubles for your pet, also keep in mind Webkinz do not allow a registered user to apply these cheat codes, they only allow you to play a fair game, if you violate their rules with some kind of dangerous cheats then it may cause a ban on your Webkinz account and you may lost all your scores.

Webkinz cheats for kinzcash:-
Login to your webkinz account with a correct username and password and then logout immediately now try to login with a correct username and wrong password, it will result in login failure and you have to request a new password in your email account, now reset your password and repeat the same step for 3 times, after a third successful password reset you have to call your webkinz friends through a phone and disconnect the call before they receive the call, this action will immediately transfer kinzcash 100000 Kinzcash in your account.

By typing “kinz887up7cash” in the bar of adoption center will also pay up to 1000 Kinzcash with in 3 minutes, but this trick is only work in peak hours, so try this trick after 7 PM on Saturday night.

Webkinz cheats for exclusive items:-
This is storage fun game and you can earn a sure kinzcash by doing some odd things, now let me give you a working trick to get exclusive items on this site like webkinz recipes, mega stove, cloth machine, stove recipes, etc. I will post this trick in near future, so stay with us.
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