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Way2sms iPhone application is not officially available on the Apple store but yes Wasy2sms Android and desktop apps are already available officially and these are free to download. Do you have an Iphone or IPad and you want to use way 2 sms app on your Apple device? No problem we have a perfect solution for you to use this cool free sms app not only on your Iphone but also on your Symbian mobile phones like Nokia and China mobiles.

90% of Way2sms users accessed through the internet browsers and most of the users are unaware about their client based free applications for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android smart phones. Most of the web users also facing login and registration problems on the web version of Waytosms because a heavy load on their site server so the best way to avoid these login failure problems is using a Way2sms app on your computer or mobile phone because it use a different route for the main server and enable you to send unlimited free new sms and lovely text messages to any where in India without paying any fee or hidden charges. You can also earn points by completing short surveys and then use your points to get a free recharge for your cell phone too.

Way2sms Android app:-
As you already know that Android market is shifted on Google play and if you still try to access the old Android market website then it automatically redirect your browser to the brand new Google play site. The first Android based app of way2sms was first developed on Google codes, which is a free developer site for performing various programming experiments. The application was developed by using Way2sms API in Java language and then further it transferred on Android APK. Now the new version of this app is supported not only Android devices but also compatible with Windows and Mac too.

Way2sms Iphone application:-
Till to date there is no official tool or app available for Way2sms on Apple apps store but you can run Android way2sms app on your IPod or Iphone just by playing a little trick. Go to Google Code site and search for Way2sms apps there, there you find a page with Way 2 sms app for Android and Mac too, just download the software and install it on your Mac book, now on your Mac book plug your Iphone with the Mac book and go to app transfer console and shift the Way2sms app on your Iphone, it will hardly take 30 seconds and you done.
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