Good Morning SMS Greetings

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You cannot start your day without sending these inspirational and cute good morning sms messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Hindi and Tamil users can also use these morning greetings quotes to update their Facebook status updates.

Good Morning SMS Greetings

Good Morning SMS Greetings
If you cannot forgive, then move on. There is always life after sorrow. Live and let live. Good morning my good friends, what a beautiful day today!

Good Morning World~ Life is a grain stone "it grain you down or it polishes you up like a diamond. What I can't change I choose to forget and keep moving on because life is too short to stop.

 Each day brings special moments; just cherish them as they come. Some are here for a short time, others last a lifetime. It is all about this moment, the Lord blesses us in so many ways, yet often times we miss out on what is right in front of us. Good morning.

Funny how much things change in what is actually such a short amount of time. Sometimes you wish you could go back and do it all over again, but you can't. You have to live with the mistakes you made and what you have done to your life. Have a nice day!

Marriage helps us to develop good character such as forgiveness, love, perseverance, kindness & rejoicing. You know love is being & cherishing one man/woman for a lifetime, not much for short times. Good morning.

Life is short and precious. Remember to take the time to show your loved ones how much you really care. In the big picture the problems you have today are nothing in comparison to your lifetime. Please learn how to defend yourself against the evils of the world and don't let life get the best of you. It's only a fraction of time in our existence.

Good morning! Everybody I praying that everyone is have a beautiful day today. Listen up my family and friends. If you're having issues or, a problem with anything, remember don't voice it to the person, address the problem. When you address the Problem you are not attacking the person. Think before you Accuse or attack. It will save you from hurting your love ones. Today do the impossible thru your problem. If you believe in him, no problem is to big FOR God

A low SELF ESTEEM will truly become the Devils playground. Its will cause for you to sell yourself short and become a someone you truly are not. Do not allow for others to determine YOUR WORTH or dictate how you view yourself. Instead be DETERMINED to show people you're UNSHAKEN SELF CONFIDENCE in yourself, your worth, your beliefs and dreams. If no one else can see your worth takes the time to realize it yourself. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR OWN SELF WORTH.

Life is short. Find the time to let those whom you love know that you care. We all become so busy, and our schedules take over. But then one day you can suddenly lose that chance, and there's no going back.

I have no control over the direction of the wind. But today I have total control of the position of my sail. Life is too short to be around negative, angry people all day. Today I will remove myself from the situation and look for a positive and healthy atmosphere to spend my time in. I will not judge the negative angry people, nor will I talk about them. I will just love them from a distance. I am not better than anyone else today, but I am happier than most. I will not give my happiness away to this world, a situation, or another person. If the wind gets nasty, I will raise my sail and simply take myself to another spot in the day.

Life is too short to stay angry at people that did something to you years ago even up till today. You got to learn to forgive, because if you don't forgive then that means they won. In order to prosper you have to do what’s right and let go of all the pain and hurt that someone did to you and be the best that you can be. It took me years to do it. I might had to move away and get my head right but I do forgive everyone that has hurt me, and I sure hope the people that I hurt can forgive me.

Life is too short to be sad, don't lean much on things beyond your control. Always look at the bright side of everything, wear a smile and be happy always.

Life is too short to stay single so go out there, snatch someone's GF/BF and never look back.

Go hug the people you love, the people you want to love, the people you used to love and the people you are supposed to love. Life is short.

We all have our issues and problems on life. No one is perfect so why do so many of is judge one another? It shouldn't matter what we decide to do with our life and issues. Being there for each other is bigger than turning your back from one another because you don't agree with our life decision. The only people that are suffering are the people around you.

The issue with men is that, they will not appreciate you until you are out of their life. Than they realize the qualities of you, but it might been too late especially after their marriage.

We each have a short time on this earth, in these bodies, to be who we are. Make the best use of that time and whatever you do, make sure what you're doing makes you happy.

Why do people think about life and death? Life is just a short gift to experience and wonder. Death is not truly dead just a step over the threshold to something new and beautiful. It’s only our wretched bodies that part. Our souls go on to eternity were the struggles and illnesses of this world are no more. So stop pitying the dead for they pity us.

I hate you Facebook, I just want you to know that the only reason that i put up with you is because the people I love can get in contact with me in this way, and that is all. Drama is pointless, life is short, this world is a gift, everything is petty, and pride will destroy everything you have ever loved.

Hope today will be a good one for all, let's make d most of it and be glad with what we have. As for every other day in life, today is very important because we are alive. Some people are not that fortunate. So let's put all negative thoughts to d side, and let's do what we were born to do.

Our paths are marked by words and remembered by our actions long after the hindrance of life has passed. Take every breath as a gift and every friend as your brother. Life's too short for hate to fit in anywhere.

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Life is not one long journey but one short one after another that why you need courage and perseverance and multitude of wise decisions, therefore make your choices prayerfully and carefully.

Life is to short to hate, love yourself and spread the message of unconditional love, that is life, that is the true happiness, a blessing within every ones' reach.

thinks that people should do what makes them happy, Be with who makes them smile, Laugh as much as they breathe, and Love as long as they live life is to short to hate all the time.

Nothing ever prepares you when you lose someone you love so much.

You are what you think you are, what you feel you are, and most importantly who you tell yourself you are. So think positive. Life is too short for negative thinking.

Don't ever live your life on your past, life is too short for that and again too long to make you miserable but rather try to right the wrongs you have done as each day passes.

Good morning: Life is to short, enjoy your friends and family while you're here on earth, less frowns more smiles.

Life is very short, whoever happy with someone let them happy. You don’t have rights to ruin their happiness if you can’t make them happy.

To live a happy life, be content of what you have. Don’t envious of others. Be a person with a grateful heart for every grace you received stay simple and kind above all.

I am certain that I will make mark in history and change the world for the better. I will always believe in the dreams of my heart and never doubt my ability to achieve my goals.

Good morning dear friend: Life is a one-way ticket and the days of our vacation are numbered. It is too short and we will never pass this way again. So make the best of it- be sorry less and be happy more.

Most girls want to be happy with someone ...for that to happen you need to care less on your physical appearance and begin showing beauty within you. be yourself, that girl you are when you wake up in the mornings, I am getting tired of seeing you all sad and yet go the same direction, or better yet I am hating how that guy who just wants you for satisfaction gets a chance and someone who is willing to prove to you there's another heart within yours exist, gets rejected. Have a nice day!

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