Good Night SMS Quotes for Facebook Status

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All the Goodnight quotes, sms messages and photo images with beautiful sayings listed here or not in Hindi or Tamil but only in English. This is just a little effort from you to please your loved ones, boyfriend, best friends and sweet girlfriends. Post these goodnight moon picture quotes on Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram and enjoy your special time with someone special.

Good Night SMS Quotes for Facebook Status!
Streets can be dangerous sometime, we just need to be more little I would like to take an early sleep today and say Goodnight to everyone.

You are like the evergreen season why I have bright visions every night; you are the only dream in me every night. Yes it's no one but only you that's why I can't sleep without saying Good night.

Good Night SMS Quotes for Facebook Status

Helping someone in need doesn't necessarily mean you expect something from them in return. God will reward you, goodnight my moon.

Don't let anyone ever tell you to leave room for disappointment if God gives you the heart for something he expects you to have faith and throw in your all... He never makes a strong heart for nothing.... Goodnight and God bless you

Let me be the one to hold you, let me be the one to pick you fresh roses, let me be the one to make you feel special, let me be the one to call you mine, let me be the one to wake up and call you telling you Good Morning and have a wonderful day, let me be the one to kiss you goodnight, let me be the one to love you.

Big men are never late, but delayed. Never drunk, but tired. They don’t lose documents, but are misplaced. They are never annoyed, but upset. They don’t go to the village, but go up country. They don’t sleep, they rest! Now friends, allow me to rest. Goodnight

Goodnight my friends brothers and sisters but remember when someone walks away from you it's not the end of the story, that you cannot move on, it's just the end of their character's role in your story, that means you have to move on to complete the story.

I know I am sleepy when I close my eyes and swear to reopen it as soon as the connection kicks in, but ill find myself sleeping.

Dear Future Hubby I pray for u more than I pray for myself! And well I can't wait to spend all my days with you

I know I should take my own advice! But life is to short to be mad or depressed! Be positive and live life to the fullest! And this just a random thought! Lol so with that said Good Night Everyone & Much Love!

Live for this moment, the right now; take it in, a beautiful memory to last forever. Because life is too short to dwell, hold grudges and be bitter. Enjoy and don't take it for granted. Be beautiful, be bold, be you

Life is short, forget your problem, be happy, and live your life because you never know if there will be another tomorrow.

Sometimes I don't know what to believe or can even find a reason to get up out of bed but I do it out of faith God will bring happiness and fulfillment in my life. Goodnight Facebook new today in the morning, lets do it right!

It's pretty bad when you say good morning and goodnight to the computer. Whatever gets your attention off of it?

Don't let no one tell you your hard work won't pay is short so from infant to geriatric, trust your own judgment. Live with it and love it.

Life is short and time is swift, what good is wealth when you can't take it with you when you die.

Some say life is too short, I say I'll live life just to get on your nerves.

Well I guess Mother Nature is telling me it is bed time! T.V. has gone out and my internet service is being really slow! Darn weather anyways! Goodnight all.

The life express is taking off. Will you get on it and choose to live. Or will you watch it pass by, making some excuses for why you can't or shouldn't get on. Will you help someone else get on, so they can have the chance? Or will you pull someone off because misery needs company. Everyday is a chance to move forward. What will you do tomorrow?

I have regretted very many times that it has lost meaning; I have asked myself so many questions that I have run short of answers.... and so, I have decided to keep a deaf ear to all the puzzles of life!

Life is too short to let happiness just walk out of your face. Be happy with who you are and what you want to do. God still have us here for a reason and he will forever bless us. I know this because I am currently a witness. Everyone have a great night

Well had an amazing night tonight and its time for bed. Why did the day go by so fast? I guess that's what happens when you’re happy. :) well goodnight as I know I will for sure.

I've decided in life there is no "right" time. If you need to say something, fix a problem, make a statement, talk out an issue with someone, give someone a compliment or a second chance, do it immediately. Often we wait too long, the moment has passed and life is far too short to live with regrets.

Life's too short. Don't worry about making mistakes; they are a part of life. Live without regrets and live for the people in your life who actually matter, the ones who will always be there.

Life is too short. Live life fully while you are here. Experience every goodness, have fun with your friends and cherish every friendship you've made, if you have made mistakes along your journey in life, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. if you eventually encounter some problems along the way, don’t run away face it and fear not! Life is not at all perfect but Beautiful

stand up and be someone you wanna be in life, don’t let anyone to pull you down, because this life is too short, I love someone who is so dear to me, and she is the apple of my eyes, and that person is my daughter, searching for the one you may love might be too difficult sometimes, but you just have to push and move on.

Money causes stress, Work is never fun, Love can get you hurt, Relationships are never easy, Trust is hard to build, Good things never last, Death causes pain, Friendships come and go, Family is just a word, People let you down, Facebook mess up things up, Twitter does the same Jealousy is a bitch, Alcohol makes you stupid, Life is just too short.. But that's just how it goes.

I devoted my whole life to her in return she used me and left me, this is my story.

There is not a perfect human and it's the beauty of life.

I treasure the day/time we are both together and if tomorrow never comes. Will you know how much I love you? Will make me going and hold on for all the bad circumstances in life I had. Then at the end of the day, I close my eyes and open makes me realize sooner or later. We will be apart I only wanted to make it colorful that time until you let it go my hands and say, we didn't made it.

Smile is most valuable thing in life, everyone want it to keep it but can’t.

Yet another life lesson - If you are on the phone with somebody and they are acting irrationally to what's being said or acting in ways that just make no sense.... They are probably just putting on a show for the audience around them... Only you have the power to turn it off.

It doesn’t mean that everything comes to our life does not leave us a lesson to learn and not to move on. It always makes us understand that whatever happens it will make you strong to continue and not giving up your life for nothing. If there's suffering there's a blessing after that.

Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. We can take a lesson from the oyster and turn the little, everyday irritants in our life into something of value. Have a good day. Forgiveness is important. Even if it is a little at a time, I know that out of a negative experience, I can build a pearl.

When a life changing development happens in our personal lives, given that many times its not in the direction we seek or prefer, I believe its God's way of forcing us to take a path, that we normally would never choose, which will either lead us to a better life or teach us a lesson that will make us perhaps more mature, or more appreciative of things we take for granted or open our eyes to things we were too blind to see.

No man is inherently good or evil; he is only the sum of his total life experience. Every diamond has a flaw, look at the diamond and not the flaw. If you want to be successful take a lesson from a duck, stay calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath...and above all, don't eat yellow snow.

When you realize you wasted a whole year of your life on someone who didn't even deserve a day. At least it was a lesson learned.

when you actually have a silent moment out of the day, you think to yourself I wish I did this, or I wish I said this, or I wish I would have sat down for 5 minutes out of the day and enjoy my life and family, we get so tied up in our everyday things we need to stop and look around and say to ourselves what a wonderful day it is!

You may think God has forgotten you but he hasn't folks. Whatever situation you might find yourself, I entreat you to keep focus and hope for a better tomorrow and never think of short cut in life.

So many friends, so many hollow friendships, I sat down and really thought about who are my friends; those I can count on and that appreciate me. I mean I have heaps of friends that 'I' do heaps for, and care about. But how many can I honestly say I can depend on for that kind of love back? I'm struggling to think of people. And with that I bid you all goodbye. Goodnight.

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