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The following big list of good, cute, creative and funny Instagram bio examples and funny quotes about Instagram will give you an awesome idea to update your Instagram profile with a new bio everyday. I also include some funny Instagram meme pictures for Instagram lovers including trendy girls and Yolo guys.

Funny Instagram Bios!
Funny Instagram Bios

Funny Instagram Quotes

  1. I am looking at these car pages on instagram but not a single nice car is more than an inch from the ground. It’s a shame too when much effort goes into appearance and not enough for performance
  1. Does anyone remember before Instagram, when you used to take a picture of your dinner/trainers/cupcakes/finger nails etc, then go down to boots and get it developed then go round all your mates houses and show them?
  1. I hate when I scroll through instagram and like pictures that I didn't mean to click on.
  1. Wow this guy on instagram is arguing with me about how the word umber is used. I'm a cosmetologist dude.
  1. Some people's life would totally end if it wasn't for social networks! Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, path, etc. I mean damn how many networks do you need to show your drama out?
  1. My instagram keeps blocking one person and I have to keep unblocking them every time I go on. Anyone know why?
  1. I really don't get the appeal of Instagram and twitter... I feel like I already have a Facebook status, I can already post pictures to FB, and my phone has those filters built into it I don't need it to make it look "Vintage" or put a border. Why do I need to more separate social networks to absorb even more of my time?
  1. I'm pretty sure Facebook is broken, because my equality cover photo has been up for over a month, but the societal change hasn't occurred.
  1. I can't be 100% certain yet, but I think I hate instagram. Is there such a thing as an "anti-social" media/website?
  1. All these food pics on instagram are making me hungry!
  1. I fondly remember the days when Facebook was a site where we all wrote down our personal experiences and opinions for others to see and be interested in, instead of just sharing awful internet memes pictures and other hilarious pictures that make me want to cut my dick off. There's a place for your shitty unfunny impersonal folderol and it's called Tumblr/Reddit/9gag/4chan/Instagram/Everyplace else on the Internet.
  1. I hate when people take screenshots of what they updated on Facebook, and then go post it on Instagram.
  1. I hate when people have their Instagram on private! I just want to stalk you without you knowing I did!
  1. Dear girl liking my photos on Instagram, I DONT LIKE YOU! And the more you like my photos and I'm forced to see your face everyday the more my hate grows for you! You’re not helping the situation!
  1. I actually do this weird little robot dance in front of the mirror when a really good looking girl likes one of my photos on Instagram.
  1. I love when people add me ass a friend or try to follow me on Instagram just to see what I'm going, to show me some love, to be nosey or just plan hate.
  1. Don't put your Instagram on private - I want to see more reasons to hate you, without having to follow you.
  1. Instagram is my friend. I like it better than Facebook because nobody complains or brings their politics over there.
  1. It's kind of weird to scroll through Facebook now because every post has a photo to go along with it. I have an instagram for a reason, to see photos, and Facebook to see statuses. Maybe I'll get a Twitter.
  1. I hate when random girls try to follow me on Instagram, I automatically think they do that just to be nosey!
  1. I hate people that use Facebook as a diary. I don't want every minute detail of your life because, hate to break it to you, your life isn't that interesting. Rinse and repeat for: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, whatever the nonsense else.
  1. It’s awkward moment when you meet someone from Facebook you didn't know, and you see them without their instagram filters.
  1. When you are hungry or on a diet do not I repeat DO NOT go on Instagram....that will make you cry.
  1. Never understood why people take pics of their money & post them on social networks ... They take a pic of like 10 20's & be feeling so great ... Lmao then spend it on shoes & weed, there's a problem when you're a grown man bragging about those type of things ... & my bank account is looking better than yours ... Relax !
  1. I hate when people follow me on instagram and I can't tell who they are because they don't have their name and they have their status on private.
  1. I always laugh when people make comments about girls posting pictures of their food on Instagram. I thought it was just their way of saying they use Instagram too much... But now I think they're being serious because I totally just watched a girl post a picture of her Burrito Bowl! Haha weird!
  1. If your Instagram is private, I just assume there's some weird stuff going on in there.
  1. I downloaded Instagram for a while expecting for people to take picture of food but all I see is either girls are taking picture of themselves or how much they hate life.
  1. What’s up with everyone trying to be someone else? Be you! What happened to originality, unique, being weird and different? Everyone’s on instagram, Tumblr & Facebook trying to be someone they see online... smh! I'm me & I've never tried to be someone else so I could never understand why you all do what you do!
  1. So Beyonce has a baby and every girl on Instagram magically becomes a proud mother huh?
  1. It's funny how your ex-boyfriend who you were friends with just stopped talking to you all of a sudden without any reason at all what's so ever, a year and a half later looks for you on Facebook and adds up, and then after you never accept his "friend request", he looks for you on Instagram and start follows you.
  1. I just share a picture of my new toilet to my friends on Instagram. But hey, if you can't be proud of your toilet than you aren't American.
  1. Can someone explain to me why it's cool or trendy or whatever to use demeaning words on Instagram pictures to describe positive moments in one's life?
  1. If you see me in the club, don’t wait until I’m gone to say something on my instagram or Facebook so stop being weird and say something to me.
  1. It feels a little weird when two random teenage girls start following you on instagram.
  1. Some of the girls pics clearly show they have zero self respect and they wonder why men are they way they are. You allow them to disrespect you when they see you disrespecting yourself by showing the whole world over half your body. It comes down to you how people perceive you and what you want in life.
  1. At first I thought Instagram was just for people to take unnecessarily vintage pictures of probably mediocre food. I have now come to believe that it exists almost solely for attractive people to like pictures of each other in some weird form of non-committal flirtation.
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