29 Best Duck Dynasty Quotes

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Duck Dynasty quotes published on this page are highly inspired from uncle Si and Jase Robertson. These guys are the soul of Duck Dynasty reality show and their cool quotes are full of wisdom and a little fun.

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  1. You can guess you could speculate but you won't know until you ask.
  1. Unless you've walked in another shoe, best you keep your judgments to yourself. (One of my favorite Uncle Si quotes)
  1. When an idea sounds cool in your head say it out loud before you commit to it.
  1. Honor those above you, see no one below you, journey with those beside you, and respect those around you.
  1. A lot of people nowadays prides themselves in having so much strength that they totally have no understanding of the fact a real partner wants you with your weaknesses and wants to help carry you through your trials so they push real solid people away and chase after a dream that will eventually become their nightmare. – Phil Robertson
  1. Sometimes that Nigga you would die for would be the one pulling the trigger at you!! Can’t break your back for "EVERYBODY" they'll take you for granted!
  1. If people flipping the pages back a bit and found HAPPINESS...this world would be much better. God makes us unique for a reason. Be the best YOU for your sake and the sake of those around you.
  1. I can trust someone I don't respect and respect someone I don't trust but if I trust & respect U that's when I'm all in..
  1. My hand must be amputated. It's about time. I don't think I need it anymore. It's worse than paralysis. - Jase Robertson
  1. In your head you are still his and in his you are nobody! To come out of it, you will have to go many a times into it. Are you ready to take up the challenge? Are you willing to up your game? What are the odds when you want it all to be even? What is it and what is it not?
  1. I think laziness is a virtue. If you have to get your work done and you're lazy, you'll find a better way to do it and one that requires less effort and time.
  1. Never fear the truth, that's when you fall behind. The truth can get us far, I will never feel offended if someone criticizes me, and actually I'll thank them for giving me the opportunity to see something I ignored to notice. – Si Robertson
  1. It takes a good man to treat a woman right and it takes an absolute courageous woman to stand strong during his distress, after all it's the innocent flirt that initiated this kind of quality in relationship.
  1. I don't have an ego; I have something that your low self esteem can't handle.
  1. Money can never buy class, behavior and wisdom. Those things are from within, they live with us till the day we depart from this Earth.
  1. You can Photoshop your personality. Sometimes you may know people for years and then you discover they pretended to be someone they are not. You can fool people for a while and eventually the Photoshop fades. – Uncle Si
  1. An enlightened person would never care about scoring a point. He cares only for the enlistment of your awareness.
  1. An enlightened person may just watch if he happens to spot a fool.
  1. An enlightened being will do whatever he wishes and whatever he does do is for the benefit of humanity. A fool is one who is not yet enlightened.  It may take many lifetimes, but eventually one is no longer a fool. One becomes enlightened and therefore, ONE.
  1. The recipe for my success is about two words ~ Help People!
  1. Stupidity is a weakness in the Intelligence for being Proud of what they know; while the Wise are pragmatically satisfied with the mere implementation of their acquired Wisdoms.
  1. Life is born to be hard, so challenge it by being positive. – Phil Robertson
  1. The question is how to make little minds open up to be universal... that adds value to humanity and not eating Big Mac extra cheese only.
  1. Where there is hope there is life! Go and enlighten the world, be the inspiration you wish to be.
  1. I have always believed that good words have their own consequences as much as the bad ones.
  1. For the little things we do in life, the rewards are extraordinary! If we only think positive and be thankful, then our mission in life will be fulfilled!
  1. You know people from day or few years! The truth of our friendship is felt when we all come together as one and keeps our difference away to be true friends. There are plenty of spaces on this earth and one small room in a little town, but only one place can truly hold us all together and that is our caring spirit of being compassionate humans.
  1. A confined mind lives in his little nest and only recognizes what his little mind tells him. A universal mind accepts diversity and recognizes the world as one. We all live in ONE WORLD! – Jase Robertson
  1. Few people do know how to live life; the other few are busy checking the instruction manual!

I love the Duck Dynasty cast...they are hell funny people. Share if you love too!
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