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Today, SMS perhaps the most widespread form of communication and send an SMS  through the Internet is really want by everyone. In Pakistan and India, you can choose between several mobile operators, who give you a cheap “Send SMS" offer. Price of one SMS in such a SMS bundles is not high, but many people may have sometimes a situation, which do not let send an SMS because of low credit. Therefore, their are still some SMS packages are available by local network providers through which you can get an advance credit in case of sending an important SMS or make an important phone call . Now on the Internet, you can  send SMS directly from the InternetThese free SMS services will cost nothing and if you write text message through your computer keyboard, no problems, it will save a little time. If you want to send free SMS , scroll down the page to get your desired website.

Send Free SMS India

With 160by2.com SMS gateway you can send free SMS, text messaging to anyone in the India very easily. Free SMS from the internet is sent in the same way as if you send an SMS message through your mobile phone, but you need to login first at 160by2. When sending SMS you have also enter the destination number and your own phone number so the recipient know who has send them a SMS, you can also send the text message with your name instead of giving your mobile number. You can type text messages (some operators may be limited by the length of the text message to 140 character SMS and it may divide your text into several SMS) recipient number (a SMS gateway itself recognizes, that which operator has send the message) and also your own phone number. You can also use 160BY2 international version to send free text messages to your friends in USA  Germany, UAE, UK, Canada and various other countries worldwide.


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